Towards a Greener Mediterranean: Participate in Our Survey on the Second Call for Proposals

We invite you to participate in a quick survey on our second call for proposals to focus on projects delivering collaborative climate-friendly solutions. The survey is open until June 12, 2024, and will help us design the call for proposals, expected to launch in the second half of 2024. Together, let’s make the green transition happen in the Mediterranean!

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The Mediterranean area is warming 20% faster than the global average. Impacts and consequences of climate change in the region are multifold and include pressure on declining water resources, rising demand in energy for cooling needs, higher frequency of extreme weather events, degradation of vital ecosystems, increasing heat/pollution-related illnesses and deaths, etc.

Against this backdrop, EU-funded Interreg NEXT MED Programme offers a cooperative platform for implementing joint solutions that tackle current and future climate change impacts in the Mediterranean region: from sustainable water management, promotion of energy efficiency, transition to a circular economy, and disaster risk prevention/resilience, the 15 countries participating in Interreg NEXT MED have placed the green transition at the heart of a collective ambition, reflecting national policies or broader frameworks like the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal or the Union for the Mediterranean’s 2030 GreenerMed Agenda.

Furthermore, Interreg NEXT MED firmly believes that adapting to and mitigating the consequences of climate change requires a holistic approach that extends well beyond the environmental sectors alone. Developing effective climate change responses and low-carbon solutions demand efforts at different levels: business by sustaining SMEs in decarbonizing business models and operate in an eco-friendly way; innovation by accelerating the transfer of groundbreaking and cutting-edge technologies from laboratory discoveries to real-world applications; education and training by increasing awareness and knowledge on climate challenges and train climate resilience professionals; policy-making by enhancing strategies that mainstream climate objectives into urban, rural and regional development policies; society by empowering individuals to become agents of climate action, adopting more sustainable ways of living and consumption.

In view of its second call for proposals, focused on funding projects delivering collaborative climate-friendly solutions to accelerate the green transition in the Mediterranean, Interreg NEXT MED Programme invites you to participate in a survey. Its outcomes will help us to collect the views, expectations and recommendations of Mediterranean stakeholders, allowing us to better shape the call for proposals. The survey is available at the following link:

The survey is anonymous and will take a few minutes to fill in. The survey will remain open until 12th of June 2024.

Upon approval of the Monitoring Committee, Interreg NEXT MED Programme’s decision-making body composed of the representatives of the 15 participating, the call for proposals is expected to be launched during the second half of 2024 with an indicative EU financial contribution worth €80 million.

Together, let’s make the green transition happen in the Mediterranean!


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