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Interreg NEXT MED brings together 15 countries towards a smarter, greener, more inclusive, and better governed Mediterranean region.

Interreg NEXT MED in a nutshell

Interreg NEXT ‘Mediterranean Sea Basin’ (‘NEXT MED’) programme is the third generation of one of the largest cooperation initiatives funded by the European Union to enhance transnational cooperation in the Mediterranean area.


Discover our vision for a revitalized Mediterranean region: smart, green, inclusive, and efficiently governed, where tradition meets innovation to forge a sustainable future.

Cooperation area

The cooperation area, home to over 200 million inhabitants, covers 15 countries and more than 100 eligible territories.


Interreg NEXT MED is managed and supported by different bodies that are responsible for ensuring the efficient and smooth implementation of the Programme and the projects.

Reference documents

Delve into the foundations and guiding principles of Interreg NEXT MED Programme by exploring a series of key documents that provide comprehensive insights into its framework and objectives.

Interreg – European Territorial Cooperation

Interreg is the Union’s instrument to support cooperation across regions and countries: a new generation of Interreg programmes in and outside the EU ia further developing joint services and strengthen solidarity.