Join #MEDCONNECT, the New Gateway to Promote Project Ideas and Find Partners

The platform is intended to help potential applicants find partners from across the Mediterranean region and build transnational partnerships. It’s a match!

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Are you considering participating in the Interreg NEXT MED first call for proposals? Do you have a project idea that could fit within one of the 9 Programme Specific Objectives but you need to find partners? Do you wish to contribute with your unique expertise to a project proposal under development?

Let the Interreg NEXT MED help you by joining #MEDCONNECT, the brand-new platform designed to facilitate connections among diverse stakeholders throughout the Mediterranean region, fostering collaboration for successful project development.

Either if you already have an idea, or you want to provide your expertise to a project, you can enhance your network as follows:

I have a project idea and I am looking for partners

– Fill this form (in English of French) explaining the key features of your project idea, the background of your organization and the type of partners you’re looking for;
– Your idea will be posted soon after on this MURAL canvas, along with other submitted project ideas. You can navigate through the canvas, find potential partners and contact them;
– Participate in one or more Interreg NEXT MED partner search events and pitch your idea in front of a Mediterranean audience. You’ll be able to engage with potential partners and choose the best travel companions for the journey. The calendar of partner search events is available below.

My organization is interested in joining a project partnership

Fill this form (in English of French) explaining your organization’s profile and the expertise you could bring, and the type of project you want to join;
– Your organization’s profile will be posted soon after on this MURAL canvas. You can also navigate through the canvas to look for project ideas and contact organizations looking for partners;
– Participate in one or more Interreg NEXT MED partner search events to listen to project ideas and get to know organizations looking of partners. As far as possible and based on the time available further to the presentation of project ideas, you may have the possibility to present your organization. The calendar of partner search events is available below.

Partner Search Events: 10 Prime Opportunities to Connect with Like-minded Organizations from the Mediterranean region

From the 25th of January to the 1st of February 2024, a series of 10 partner search events will take place online. Conceived as 90-minute session, the events offer an opportunity for pitching your project ideas and engaging with others as they present theirs. Priority for pitching is given to organizations that have uploaded their ideas to the MURAL canvas, although those who have only uploaded may also participate. Each session will include. a pitching segment, followed by open mic for idea exchange and contact details

The sessions, organised on the basis of the Programme Specific Objectives, will take place on the following dates (all times are to be considered CET-Rome time) :

  • 1.1 Research and innovation capacities, uptake of advanced technologies :25th January 10h00-11h30 – Register
  • 1.2 Sustainable growth and competitiveness of SMEs and job creation in SMEs: 25th January 14h00-15h30 – Register

  • 2.1 Energy efficiency and green gas house emissions reduction: 29th January 10h00-11h30 – Register
  • 2.2 Climate change adaptation, and disaster risk prevention, resilience, taking into account ecosystem based approaches: 29th January 14h00-15h30 – Register
  • 2.3 Access to water and sustainable water management: 30th January 10h00-11h30 – Register
  • 2.4 Transition to a circular and resource efficient economy: 30th January 14h00-15h30 – Register

  • 3.1 Equal access to inclusive and quality services in education, training and lifelong learning: 31st January 10h00-11h30 – Register
  • 3.2 Equal access to health care and resilience of health systems, including primary care, and transition from institutional to family- and community-based care: 31st January 14h00-15h30 –  Register

  • 4.1 Other governance actions: Fostering local governance models and processes through cross-sectoral, multilevel and cross-border partnerships: 1st February 10h00-11h30 – Register

  • SPECIAL SESSION: Youth Strand (applicable to all Specific Objectives except 4.1) 1st February 14h00-15h30 – Register

Remember that the MURAL canvas will be always available and updated for you to find ideas and partners.

Engage with #MEDCONNECT and meet your NEXT partners to build a successful project proposal!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the project ideas displayed on the MURAL platform and the eligibility of potential applicants have not been screened nor approved in any way by the Managing Authority. The database is for information and contact purposes only, to allow interested organizations to promote their project ideas and find partners.

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