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More than 280 deliverables are now fully available in the public library to showcase results from ENI CBC MED funded projects, the previous edition of Interreg NEXT MED programme. The process is still ongoing to make sure that each one of the 80 funded projects can share the most relevant achievements that cover the 11 priorities of the Programme divided into 4 Thematic Objectives, i.e. Business and SME development; Support to education, research, technological development and innovation; Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty; Environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Are you a young entrepreneur who needs both financial and technical support to start up your business? Access to training materials, co-working places with services such as mentoring, coaching and hints to access microfinance and contacts to build your network.

Are you a Destination Management Company? Find all the work achieved to promote hidden places in the Mediterranean through platforms, catalogues, list of contacts. Videos to promote slow tourism, adventure tourism, bee tourism, cultural experiences or gaming.

Are you a researcher who wants to test new joint solutions and contribute to the transfer of technology? Discover livings labs, news processes, experiments to promote innovation in the region in fields as diversified as agroforestry, new products from grape waste, monitoring systems to save crops from flies, improve value chain for dairy products, transport and logistics, etc.

Do you make a living in traditional sectors? Dive into the details of what has been done to preserve a quality agrifood sector, artisanal Salinas, and in the textile and fashion industry.

Are you concerned by the shortage of water, energy and food? Learn about the pilots implemented to promote water reuse, save energy in public buildings and adopt new techniques to ensure sustainable food production.

What about waste management? Plenty of projects have shared their best practices to implement integrated waste management plans at municipality level, built compositing sites and promoted creative initiatives to boost the culture of recycling.

Are you a social worker, a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution or an NGO working for a better inclusion of young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEETs) and women in the region? Explore the studies and analyses done to better identify labour market needs and opportunities and provide trainings to increase digital skills, sports skills, as well as other competences needed in emerging sectors such as the green, circular and blue economy. A first step to move from employability to employment.


This library is full of useful information and in a wide range of formats. Beyond reports, studies, policy papers and education and training material, you will also enjoy other formats such as documentaries, short movies, games that will tell you a lot about what ENI CBC MED has achieved.

Moreover, it can be a helpful tool for applicants who are preparing a proposal under the first call of Interreg NEXT MED Programme to make sure the project proposal is based and linked to existing results and knowledge and avoid starting from scratch. As mentioned in the guidelines for applicants for the first call for proposals, “projects should demonstrate that they build on synergies, exploiting and capitalizing on available knowledge, not just reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch but rather scaling up existing solutions and fostering their wider implementation and mainstreaming.” The importance of operational synergies is reflected in criterion 1.4 of the project evaluation grid.

The featured deliverables can easily be browsed by topic, type of deliverable, keyword and of name of project. So, don’t wait and check the LIBRARY OF DELIVERABLES.

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