Winners of the “Find the Mediterranean in Your City” Photo Contest awarded

Interreg NEXT MED proudly welcomed the winners of its photo contest “Find the Mediterranean in Your City” during a captivating #MEDTOUR info event held on February 20th in Valencia, Spain. …

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Interreg NEXT MED proudly welcomed the winners of its photo contest “Find the Mediterranean in Your City” during a captivating #MEDTOUR info event held on February 20th in Valencia, Spain. Organized in celebration of the annual Mediterranean Day promoted by the Union for the Mediterranean, the contest highlighted the rich cultural heritage and vibrant essence of Mediterranean cities through the particular vision of young photographers aged 18-30.

Interreg NEXT MED a fièrement accueilli les gagnants de son concours photo “Trouvez la Méditerranée dans votre ville” lors d’un captivant événement d’information #MEDTOUR qui s’est tenu le 20 février à Valence, en Espagne. Organisé pour célébrer la Journée méditerranéenne annuelle promue par l’Union pour la Méditerranée, le concours a mis en lumière le riche patrimoine culturel et l’essence vibrante des villes méditerranéennes à travers la vision particulière de jeunes photographes âgés de 18 à 30 ans.

In the Mediterranean Partner Countries category, Hamsa Hefny’s photograph titled “Traversing Time” offered a poignant portrayal of Alexandria, Egypt’s rich history and architectural heritage. Sofia Aikaterini Karantoni’s winning entry, “The reedpicker,” captured the tranquility and beauty of Kalamia, Greece, during harvest season, symbolizing the enduring bond between nature and humanity.


'Traversing Time' by Hamsa Hefny, Egypt
‘Traversing Time’ by Hamsa Hefny, Egypt


 'The reedpicker' by Sofia Aikaterini Karantoni, Greece
‘The reedpicker’ by Sofia Aikaterini Karantoni, Greece

Expressing her gratitude, Sofia shared, “This photo was not chosen by chance. It holds a special significance for me and my friend captured in the picture. During quarantine, this spot became our refuge, reminding us that even in challenging times, anything was possible and there was nothing to fear.”

Hamsa, reflecting on the significance of his photograph, stated, “I wanted to capture the captivating blend of transportation history, architectural splendor and the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere that characterizes the city of Alexandria. Winning this contest is a great experience and I hope my photograph inspires others from different countries to explore and appreciate the rich heritage of the Mediterranean.”

The award was presented by Mr. Marco Melis, Director-General of Interreg NEXT MED Managing Authority. Congratulating the winners, Mr. Melis remarked, “The Mediterranean region is a tapestry of diverse cultures, histories and landscapes, and the photographs submitted by Hamsa and Sofia beautifully encapsulate its essence. We are immensely proud to recognize their talent and creativity, which serve as a reminder of the rich heritage and beauty that surrounds us.”

The success of the photo contest underscores the collective passion and appreciation for the Mediterranean’s beauty and diversity. Interreg NEXT MED extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, voters, and supporters for their enthusiasm and dedication.

About the awarded photos
Title of the photo: Traversing Time
Author: Hamsa Hefny, Egypt
Description: The Belgian Tram 601, manufactured in 1931 in front of building “No. 1″, known as Little Venice or Miramar (left), designed by the Italian-Egyptian architect ” Giacomo Alessandro Loria” in 1926 and building “No. 2” known as Heikal’s Building (right), designed by the architect “Ricardo Smith” in 1929. Two of the oldest buildings in the Ramel area in Alexandria. Alexandria was once a bustling cosmopolitan center known for its grandeur and cultural significance. Tramways were an integral part of the city’s transportation system, connecting its neighborhoods and providing a unique means of exploring its streets. These tramways often passed by or through areas adorned with old buildings, showcasing the architectural beauty and historical charm of Alexandria. Together, these elements create a captivating blend of transportation history, architectural splendor, and the vibrant Mediterranean atmosphere that characterizes the city of Alexandria. The photo was taken to document the city’s rich history and architectural heritage represented in the three historical items in one shot.

Title of the photo: The reedpicker
Author: Sofia Aikaterini Karantoni, Greece
Description: At some point, we’ve all seen people from nomadic tribes during harvest season. This picture, depicts a very good friend of mine collecting some reeds in a local beach in our hometown named “Kalamia”, which in translation from Greek means the area where reeds thrive. This specific spot was not selected by accident for the photo shoot. For both me and my friend, it has a special meaning, as it became our hangout during quarantine, which of course we haven’t stopped visiting since. Every time we sat by the sea and gazed at the sunset and the horizon, it felt as if there where no restrictions and nothing to be afraid of, cause light conversations and the greatness of nature do not permit such feelings and thoughts.

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